longpass rosette

Moon too bright to do anything sensible so a bit of an experiment with a 500nm long pass filter. Out with the 600mm refractor to get the whole of the rosette. Stars under strict control, easy on the colour and...
nebula caldwell 49 the rosette surrounding cluster ngc2244 in monoceros
canon 700d with bresser ar102 f6 49x150s @ ISO800



Big dust cloud first observed and documented by Méchain in 1780 and included by Messier in his catalogue d'objets du ciel profond the same year. Still not much joy with the telescope mounting but at least I've got it predictable again after over tightening the DEC push-pull mechanism. Still, the good old EQ6 holding up now 13 years. But OMG, this one really is faint. Am gonna need double the time. Reyes today and cloudy, so at least not tonight...
extract from A New General Catalogue of 1888 showing the attribution to Méchain

reflection nebula M78 illuminated by stars hd38563a and b in orion
700d + nt150s   30x120s @ ISO800



xmas tree

Not too good last night. My longest effort yet sat freezing on the terrace: 63 exposures after adjusting the declination axis. I must be mad. I should have known not to bother. Had to guide DEC south-only with the resultant dither in RA-only producing streaking of the hot pixel noise. Anyway, practised my processing skills instead and so salvaged something. Don't zoom too close...
cluster and nebula ngc2264 christmas tree and cone in monoceros
700d + nt150s  62x180s @ ISO800


third time seven sisters

Unlucky for some. I think I'm gonna give up on this target. Spent hours collimating the mirrors but can't see any difference. Maybe I need longer exposures... Oh how I love reflectors. So here we go. My third go at m45. Oh and I turned the camera through 90º...
cluster m45 the pleiades in taurus
canon 700d + bresser nt150s   29x120s @ ISO800

cabeza de mono

Primates have been around a long time, but not as long as this nebula. Not too bright this one; it took took a lot of 3-minute snaps to get to this stage...
cluster ngc2175 and nebula ngc2174 monkey's head in orion
700d + bresser nt150s 49x180s @ ISO800

twin clusters

I feel as though I can almost say foreground and background. Perspective even. An idea of distance, the smaller of the two clusters is much older -orange-stars- and further away: 2800 and 16000 light years. Maybe a little improvement over my last effort...
clusters m35 and ngc2158 in gemini
700d + bresser nt150s  23x90s @ ISO800


los renacuajos

Continuing the water theme, this time closer to Capella. Slightly more distant at 12000 light years, the oh so pink renacuajos. They're there if you use your imagination. All two of them.
emission nebula ic410 and cluster ngc1893 in auriga
700d + 6" reflector 47x150s @ ISO 800