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Discovered by William Herschel on December 26 1785, this nebula has reflection -the blue bits- and emission parts. The first trial of the Canon OAG on the f3.9. No shortage of guide stars here, but oh so difficult to process...

ngc2264: nebula cone and open cluster xmas tree ngc2264 in monoceros
700d + pn208    38x300s @ ISO800

cluster XV

At 3000 light years distant, this was getting dangerously low over the La Nucía rooftops when I gave up at around 01:00. Discovered by Giovanni Cassini in 1711 and included by Messier in his catalogue of 1772, evidently it describes a heart shape...

open cluster m50 in monoceros
700d + pn208    18x120s @ ISO800


más mono

Revisited. Around 6000 light years away.
nebula ngc2174 monkey's head in orion
700d +nt150s    24x360s @ ISO800

cluster XIV

This year's visit. Nice steady seeing helped a lot with this. Probably the sharpest yet helped in part I'm sure by the OAG. Clusters at 2800 and over 4 times more distant, the smaller cluster is 1000 million years old. Many of it's stars are running out of hydrogen: orange-red

clusters m35 and ngc2185 in gemini
700d + nt150s    25x150s @ ISO800


m42 cls

Too much nebulosity to handle. I'm determined to try the HDR trick. Next year...
nebula m42 in orion
700d - 130pds    36x300s @ ISO800


Struggling with the -wrong dark frame library- guiding and intermittent cloud, I survived until around 01:30 before gusts of wind from nowhere put an end to all over hope.

First recorded by W.H. Pickering of Harvard on a glass plate exposed 1st. January 1888, the horse-head is a cloud of swirling dust and gas alongside the flame, another cloud of gas emitting its own light.
l to r emission nebula ngc2024 flame and dark nebula B33 horse-head in orion
700d + 130pds    27x300s @ ISO800