ten years on

2006: the indifference
2016: the optimism

To love and be loved. Dignity. Familia. Amigos. Humildad. Orgullo...
Thanks Julie. Gracias Vicente. Gracias a todos. You know who you are. Me habeís enseñado cómo vivir.
Thank you all. I'd not be here today without you.


wide takumar

Another ebay antique from the 70s direct from the country where it was made. It snaps big chunks of the sky but you need the moon to be able to focus easily; not enough magnification for a Bahtinov. Infinity comes just before the hard stop on the lens, so at least there's no need to dismantle. The silky smooth focusing and built-to-last metal construction makes today's impossible-to-focus-manually plastic equivalents look like a joke.
stars deneb gienah sadr and δ against the milky way in cygnus
canon 700d + takumar 28mm at f5.6 24 x 120s ISO 800


ic 5146

After having a go with the 80mm earlier it's back to Cygnus for more cocoon, this time with a bigger telescope. Not too good looking south as Polop had the sky lasers for las festividades. Fortunately I was more or less at the zenith.
IC 5146 the cocoon in cygnus
canon 700d with joc petzval : 25 x 150s @ ISO 800


la zorra

After success fighting dew on the elephant, off to the fox. New blue-white stars to excite the red hydrogen emission at 656nm
cluster ngc6823 and emission nebula ngc6820 in vulpecula
canon 700d on 152mm joc petzval  23 x 150s @ ISO800

nebula within nebula

Camera sensor at a sensible 27ºC, we set off toward IC 1396, a vast area of ionised gas. APT's PointCraft decided to play nice and so with the help of the guys at SGL we hit the right bit of the cloud.
 the elephant's trunk part of IC 1396  in cepheus
canon 700d on 152 joc refractor  22 x 150s @ ISO800


humedad relativa

Día estraño con sensación térmica más alta que normal. Madrugadores cómo yo disfrutaremos de una humedad relativa de 100% a las 07:00 horas.


tulip equinox

With the equinox today at 16:21 CEST and 12 hours darkness to play with last night, what better time to enjoy the cooler nights than with a tulip. Humid with rocío but decided to persevere. With the sensor at its coolest since May, the patches in the background were less in evidence. Can't be bad.
sh2-101 the tulip in cygnus
canon 700d + 152s 25 x 150s @ ISO800